I got into My Food Job Rocks a couple months ago when the Food Safety Talk guys did some interviews over there. Adam Yee is a product developer that has developed an awesome platform for food industry professionals to share their stories and talk about why they love their Jobs.

I got a little chatty, because I do love my job, and Adam does a good job of getting folks to share what makes them passionate.

You can listen to the whole interview here:

Ep. 109 – Accidentally Obsessed with Quality with Austin Bouck, QA Manager from EartH2O

or wherever you download your podcasts (itunes, stitcher).

What Adam wrote about the episode itself:

Really excited to have Austin on the show. What’s really cool is that he found My Food Job Rocks because he’s a regular listener of Don and Ben’s podcast, Food Safety Talk. Funny how that works, right?

So Austin became a regular listener and engaged with me on social media. We now pretty much support each other in everything we do. Austin has his own site, Fur Farm and Fork where he posts really technical, powerful stuff about food safety.

This was a fun interview. Austin’s past was a bit different than most as he found out why his food job rocks out of falling into an internship and found out he really loved auditing and making corrections to said audits. Now taking on a leadership role at Earth2O.

We get into in-depth discussions on whole genome sequencing, and since we have a water expert, we get into the raw water craze that was sweeping Silicon Valley at the time, and Austin has quite the interesting viewpoint on that.

Also, quick disclaimer, I apologize for saying the company name Earth2O as Earth H2O multiple times in the episode. Hope you can forgive me.

About the podcast:

There is very little awareness of what the people in the food industry actually do. This stems back to the lack of knowledge and awareness of the range of degree courses and programs available that will equip them for a career in food. My FoodJobRocks! by Adam Yee is the first podcast of its kind that allows listeners to hear directly from people who are in the food industry and have a passion for what they do. They share how they became involved in food and describe what it is they do, plus a few more fun questions just to keep things entertaining. Listen to them here, and stay tuned for a new episode every Monday.

And because I want to support Adam’s Sponsors and encourage them to keep supporting the podcast, check out BAKERpedia and FoodGrads if you get a chance. Both of them are pretty cool websites actually with some very talented food industry folks behind them.