Newest article: SQF from Scratch: 2.3.1 – Product Development and Realization.

I’m doing an article series over at IFSQN called “SQF from Scratch!”


This blog series is a deep dive into each individual SQF element. Not just what the code says but what’s actually being asked, how it makes our products safer, and how that element looks in practice both inside and outside the audit. Personnel new to SQF seeking implementation and those reviewing existing systems should both benefit from a methodical study of each element, and how we can truly embrace the code and share it with internal and external customers.

Remember, the goal is not “Audit ready 365”, it’s to know that our facility embraces globally recognized best practices to maintain food safety. Because of this, as we dive into each element, we must always remember the quality management system golden rule: Never make systems to “pass audits”. Make systems that work for your company that help it make safer/higher quality products more efficiently.

Check out the newest post: SQF from Scratch: 2.3.1 – Product Development and Realization.


Well reader, maybe this is a new role for you, maybe it’s one you’ve played at your company for a long time, but I hope that you’ll find it rewarding.

No, I’m not referring to SQF practitioner, I’m referring to the role of wet blanket technical resource for new product development activities!

The food industry can sometimes be challenging not because of the work, but because everyone knows a little something about food! After all, everyone has intimately studied and investigated their foods by eating several times a day since birth! We’re as much experts at understanding how to fix hunger as we are at growing our own hair. It comes naturally and everyone a wealth of experience to draw on.

Thus, the day comes when entrepreneurial folks say to themselves, I know how to make tasty things, let’s sell them! Unfortunately, while starting a business is hard anyway, with food there’s an extra hitch when people get sick.