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Austin Bouck

The food industry is still grappling with “new” expectations both enforced and implied in FSMA. Even more so, the ethical and legal implications still resonating from the Bluebell outbreak and pulsenet mean that every company, no matter it’s size or product, needs to rethink its approach to food safety. While food may be getting safer, we’re also finding out exactly why those 48 million people are getting sick each year. Companies that take their responsibility to provide safe food as a personal duty are forced to ask:

How many of those illnesses were our fault?

Austin Bouck-4th grade Oregon Trail unit on water filtrationAustin Bouck  is a food safety professional with experience in amenable products, shelf-stable meals, beverages, and snacks. He has a B.S. in Animal Science from Oregon State University with additional undergraduate and graduate work in microbiology and food law.

My approach to food safety is honest, realistic, and science-based, with risk evaluated ethically before fiscally. I believe that food manufacturers should find reasons to brag about their pursuit of food safety, not hide from it.

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