Hey all, taking a quick break from blogging as I’m busy with a personal research project I’ll report here on ASR soon, but I wanted to add a quick post for anyone subscribing to RSS or wondering if I’m still alive.

This article on ScienceDaily details a study going on at the University of Georgia, in which they’re recording flock vocalizations to find distinct patterns that can be associated with temperature levels, ammonia concentrations, and other detrimental environmental factors. This has possible implications not only for the welfare of the birds but for the efficiency of the operation.One example of a financial incentive that the article provided is that current ammonia detectors are expensive and short-lived, and if a computer instead could “listen” to the flock and identify specific vocalization changes related to ammonia levels those detectors could be made obsolete.

It’s a cool article, and an awesome example of how agriculture continues to keep up with technology. Check it out and I’ll be back to regular posting as soon as my other personal project is on it’s way!