Here’s another digest of great articles and blog posts I’ve come across in the last month:

Neurobonkers has an excellent discussion on the prevalence of scientific fraud.

Smaller Questions looks at the effect of circadian rhythms on immune responses.

Molecular Love talks bout the gene Pumilio 1’s role in preventing overzealous sperm apoptosis.

Animalwise talks about a couple articles that indicate that dogs can understand us, specifically being able to differentiate between nouns and verbs.

ScienceDaily has an article discussing the creation of methicillin-resistant Staph Aureus within livestock, and relevance to antibiotic use, another detailing a newly discovered prion disease that is ten times more lethal than common hoof-and-mouth disease, and one more discussing obesity’s effect on dogs’ quality of life.

ASAS had an amazing webchat talking about the politics of farm animal welfare, and what we in agriculture should be doing to keep science as well as personal ethics in the discussion. About 35 minutes long before the submitted questions. It’s an amazing lecture and raised some excellent points.

Finally, Jason Goldman has an amazing article detailing observed tool use by a captive dingo. Complete with video! Read all about it at The Thoughtful Animal.

That’s it for this round, look for another batch of links in a month or so. Also, if you want to see more blog posts backed by peer reviewed research, check the homepage of, you’ll see Animal Science Review on there, as well as most of what I read outside of my usual feeds.