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Again, here’s your digest of cool posts I’ve come across.

Ask a Vet Question Blog has some awesome pictures of a huge umbilical hernia being repaired, along with details on their procedure.

Clinicians Brief has a case report of a spay that went south due to (at the time) unknown complications.

I came across this video detailing a method of gene expression that I hadn’t learned in either my cell biology or biochemistry classes. These things are just cool.

Even cooler is this collection of images that Penn State has arranged in this virtual cat dissection. Labeled by system and a handy reference!

Last, Mutant Dragon has had a couple of great posts discussing use of antibiotics in agriculture settings and the political perspective. Spend some time browsing that blog, it’s pretty awesome.

3 thoughts on “Cool Links”

  1. I am trying to compare some scientific reports for my website. Is there a reputable source for independent analysis on current “science in the news” articles and news stories? I keep seeing articles on various science subjects that conflict with eachother. Each one claiming that their information for the story is legitimate. It can take me hours of research
    that may already be available someplace.
    Any Ideas where to start?.
    Thanks !

    1. No idea, when I’m writing about a news article I’ve found is to look at whatever journal article they are reporting on, and read it myself. Best you can do really, I don’t know of any site that exclusively reviews stories found in the news.

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