I see a lot of other blogs doing this, and I though it might be a good resource for those who read here. Here are some cool blog articles that I read this month.

Rogue Medic talks about how useful Epinephrine is when used to create a pulse during cardiac arrest, and its effect on the percentage of outpatients with brain damage.

MutantDragon has a great discussion on the history of the anti-vaccine movement, and where it is today.

Protein Evolution and Other Musings talks about bacterial proteins in eukaryotic cells.

Plos Blogs has an often repeated, but no less true, chat with media outlets about the nature and implications of individual study results.

SkeptVet had a similar article in the same vein.

Rule of 6ix has a really cool immunology article detailing new research on how influenza begins its initial infection and relates it to measles. It’s very accessible and educational.

Those are all the recent ones I remember for now, but I’ll start collecting these for the future and post them once and a while, enjoy!